1-2-3 Magic  - Positive Parenting & Effective Child Discipline 

‘Getting kids to bed on time…positively disciplining your children…building a child's self-esteem…helping your children learn social skills…these are just a few of the challenges parents face every day. The 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Programs are designed to help parents get back in charge of their homes, and enjoy time with their kids again.’ 1-2-3 Magic Parenting

1-2-3 Magic is a proven, easy-to-learn, Positive Parenting and Effective Child Discipline programme for children from 18 months through to 12 years. Developed by Dr Thomas Phelan, a child psychologist from America who has worked with families for over 35 years, 1-2-3 Magic has become the best-selling child discipline programme in the USA and in the UK is extensively used in schools, NHS and social care.  1-2-3 Magic is an evidence based programme which is effective for general behaviour, but is also endorsed by the The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service (ADDISS) to support in the even more challenging situations of ADHD and ASD.

There are only around 500 practitioners in the UK who are trained and licensed to deliver 1-2-3 Magic programmes to parents and carers.

As a licensed practitioner, Charlotte Coombes leads group programmes and one-to-one sessions. These are held as three, 2-hour workshops, scheduled a week apart. Group programmes have a maximum of five delegates and are held at our Egham offices.  One-to-one sessions can be held at other locations, including at your home, if requested.

Suitable for parents, grandparents, nannies, child minders and even baby sitters 1-2-3 Magic parenting can help:

·       Control obnoxious behaviour

·       Encourage good behaviour

·       Strengthen your relationship


Register your interest to join a parenting course now:

Group programme (3 x 2-hour sessions, maximum 5 delegates) £100 per person  


Private one-to-one family session (3 x 2-hour sessions) £450 per course