our mission

To support parents in helping their children understand and explore the new and exciting world around them

Mike Dixon

Business Director (and father of a four year old) 


Mike's extensive career has been in owning and running successful businesses in the creative and communications sector. More recently, like all new parents, he has been translating those skills into parenthood. And what a wonderful and different experience that is.


Having seen first hand how young children absorb every experience in the new and exciting world around them, Mike and his wife Susan very quickly recognised that as a parent it's great to have support in helping give your child new experiences. It is also great to have the opportunity to meet other parents or carers with similar age children to share experiences, allow children to interact with their peers and sometimes just to hear that what you are experiencing is exactly the same as everybody else!


Mike also recognises that you never stop learning in business and that's even more true in parenthood. So opportunities for new parents, family members and carers to learn new skills or gain better insight into how our children 'tick', can be of great value. This is all why Mike teamed up with experienced childcare practitioner Charlotte Coombes, to launch 'Never Too Young' to support other parents in helping their children explore and understand the new and exciting world around them.


Charlotte Coombes

Course Director

Charlotte chose a career in childcare from a very young age.  After her academic studies she went on to obtain a CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare & Education for age 0-16 years.  For the last 10 years she has built a breath of childcare experience in home, nursery and school settings. 

So many young children have already enjoyed interacting with Charlotte, benefiting from her love of supporting children to learn and grow in fun environments, combined with her never ending energy and enthusiasm.  In founding NEVER TOO YOUNG, and through directing and leading the classes and courses, Charlotte is able to bring this energy and share these skills and experience to help parents and children understand and explore their exciting world together.

Charlotte is also a Licensed Practitioner of the highly acclaimed Positive Parenting and Effective Child Discipline programme, 1-2-3 Magic.  Respected and recognised around the world 1-2-3 Magic is used within schools, NHS and social care settings.  However, there are only around 500 practitioners in the UK who are trained and licensed to deliver programmes to parents.



Susie Chaytow

Course leader  


Susie trained in Musical Theatre at Performance Preparation Academy in Guildford. In between her appearances on the stage, Susie teaches theatre and dance to children through fun and games, with a real emphasis on allowing children to explore their confidence and other skills through the beauty of drama and music.

With experience in teaching drama to a wide range of ages, Susie is excited to start a class aimed at 2-5 year olds to help them bring out their confidence through singing and dancing. Starting to develop those senses and skills early is crucial in the development of any child. Susie can’t wait to bring you a mixture of singing, dancing and fun to help you and your children get the most out of the Exploring Music and Movement Classes.